Who We Are

We are dedicated to providing safe, structured environments for men who are seeking ongoing and lasting recovery. Nexus Sober House welcomes those who wish to connect and join our efforts in the restoration process of rebuilding lives, families and communities. We have 10 years of experience and treat all of our clients with dignity as we travel a journey that heals the mind, body, and soul.

Our Services

As recovering addicts, we understand how difficult it is to re-enter into society following treatment. ​We don’t stand much of a chance against addiction alone, but together we find our way and bring each other closer to the hope and healing of recovery. Our residents learn to live a more balanced life, to tap in to their inner strengths, and build a network of healthy resources.

“A place where I could rest my heavy heart and confused head and be surrounded by professionals that felt more like family than strangers.”

“I had tried everything else; I thought I could do it on my own. I relapsed numerous times due to lack of structure, support and not being surrounded by individuals who were knowledgeable, had the tools and connections and were there immediately to rescue me when I showed signs of faltering.

A place of no judgment, sincere desire to help, complete support and understanding, individualized treatment, 12-step AA education, personal space, gentle persuasive encouragement, minimum but daily expectations, a family living atmosphere, a listening ear, a shoulder, a hug, a heart – a home.

They helped me find the word CALM in the CALaMity of my life. I could not have achieved sobriety after trying so many times on my own without Nexus as my lifeline, defibrillator and rescue team. I owe them my newfound life.”

-Darlene M

Beautiful Properties

Nexus Sober House has homes in serene and peaceful locations in Fairfield County, Connecticut. Each features ample space for each resident, with large single and double rooms available. A house manager lives at each house, making sure residents needs and expectations are being met, twenty-four hours a day.

Amazing Amenities

High-speed WiFi available in every room, flat screen TV’s in each room with HD cable and premium channels, completely FREE laundry services, all utilities included. Air conditioning in every room. Our Brooklawn House even has a fitness and weight room. And that’s just the beginning!


Our small resident population ensures highly individualized care while providing the sense of community necessary for personal growth and group support. We are committed to fostering an atmosphere of respect, love and hope that encourages and models the joy of recovery.