As recovering alcoholics and addicts ourselves, we understand how difficult it is to re-enter into society following treatment.

Nexus Sober House provides an exclusive, safe & structured environment in conjunction with professional therapeutic services, to help individuals improve the quality of their lives and sustain the process of recovery.

At Nexus, we have personal experience in recovery and sobriety. We ourselves understand firsthand the struggles faced by those new to living sober, and we treat our clients with the dignity and compassion that they deserve.

Spirituality, mindfulness, and connection are important components of a stay at Nexus House. On a daily basis, our experienced staff translates the invaluable twelve-step recovery process into useable tools.

This process often involves ‘lightbulb’ or ‘aha!’ moments as newcomers to the journey of recovery realize there is a solution, that they are not alone, and they will find acceptance from others as they learn to accept themselves.

Dare to

We provide clients with the safety, support and experiences to address deep-rooted issues, allowing them to find their own path to recovery.

Our Houses

Beautiful Locations

At Nexus Sober House we are continuously improving the sober living homes we offer. Our homes are in quiet, respectable neighborhoods because we want our residents to feel safe in their home – free from distractions and temptations that might otherwise be overwhelming.

Separate Facilities

We have multiple locations serving men and women, and we are quickly growing and adding properties in order to accommodate the increasing demand for sober living communities in the Fairfield County area.

Great Community

Our small resident population ensures highly individualized care while providing the sense of community necessary for personal growth and group support. We are committed to fostering an atmosphere of respect, love and hope that encourages and models the joy of recovery.

175 Brooklawn Ave
Bridgeport, CT 06604

The Brooklawn House


Conveniently located just steps from the Fairfield, CT town line yet only a short walk from the heart of the City of Bridgeport, the Brooklawn House is part of the city’s most distinguished examples of architectural styles in an elite residential district of the Edwardian era.

The home features fireplace in the living room, bright and spacious bedrooms, and off-street parking for every resident. Whether lifting in the weight room, enjoying a summer night on the patio, or jamming out in the basement, the Brooklawn House offers community and connection
to everyone who passes through it’s doors.

155 Brooklawn Ave
Bridgeport, CT 06604

The Stratfield House


With it’s myriad of interconnected rooms, big comfy furniture, and large communal kitchen, the Stratfield House has a genuine sense of place and a unique character for our residents to settle into.

The home is located to the North of Fairfield Avenue, which was laid out in the 17th century at the center of the agricultural village of Stratfield. Comfortable communal spaces and cheery bedrooms create a welcoming space for embarking on the journey of recovery.

388 Brooklawn
Bridgeport, CT 06604

Brooklawn Women’s House


Accommodating females only, the Brooklawn Women’s House is a place for women to escape common social & family pressures, and instead focus on sobriety.

The spacious colonial-style home features 3 levels of living space, with beautiful antique details and ample common spaces. The home is located in the historic Stratfield Village district, a quiet neighborhood within walking distance of several parks.